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Use the Risk dashboard prior to funding
The Risk dashboard is where you can track all aspects of the risk factor associated with your business. In the past, you either qualified for funding from a funding partner or you didn't, no explanation as to why, or the steps to take to de-risk your business and become fundable. The Risk dashboard has a singular purpose: to give you the insights and the tools that you need to increase your Funding Score and become fundable according to the qualification standards of each of your saved partners.
Set yourself up for success with all the tools you need to de-risk your business in 1 intuitive dashboard.

Generating a Funding Score

Generate your custom Funding Score to get a real-time view of where your company stands relative to the credit box of any lender. Your Funding Score tells a lender the story of your reliability and predicts the chance of on-time payments. Your Funding Score is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The highest represents excellent credit, while the lowest represents a higher risk factor.
Watch the Funding Score meter move into the orange zone and make sure to click "Apply" when you're deemed a good match.

De-risk your business

While each lender is different, our proprietary scoring system can help you determine whether you’ll qualify for a funding product, and assist you in de-risking it if you do not. Watch your Funding Score improve in real-time as you de-risk your business by harnessing the power of our Qualitative and Quantitive-based tools. Focus your efforts where it counts and take the necessary steps to improve your Funding Score and de-risk your business.
Get that hockey stick graph by installing apps that guide you to an increased Funding Score.

Track your deal history

Finance teams deserve tools and technology that will help them drive strategic decision-making, even when that means looking into the past. View and analyze all your previous deals in a timeline-like view so you can better understand how your current options relate to your past funding experiences. Data can be manually imported or synced directly from your banking records.
Quickly Apply through Fundstory and never fill out an application again.