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Generating a Funding Score

A walkthrough on how to generate a Funding Score

In this guide we will cover:

  • What is a Funding Score?
  • How to generate a Funding Score?

What is a Funding Score?

A Funding Score is a proprietary Fundstory formula that accurately determines a company's chances of obtaining funding—including bank loans, lines of credit, revenue sharing agreements, and tax credits—to enable the progression of critical business activities. The Funding Score is sorted on a scale of 1-100 with the higher number representing better funding odds. Your Funding Score is calculated according to the qualification standards of each partner, and will automatically adjust based on the funding partner you have selected.

How to generate a Funding Score

To generate your personalized Funding Score, you will need to start by creating a Fundstory account. You will then be prompted to connect your payment processing software, accounting software, and business bank account, all of which are needed to produce an accurate Funding Score. Fundstory’s proprietary algorithm will then analyze the data from these sources in real-time and produce a Funding Score that accurately depicts the health of your business. Once your Funding Score is generated, we help you understand your business by sharing the top factors that impact your score. With these insights, you can focus your efforts where it counts and take immediate steps to improve your Funding Score.