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Use the Match dashboard when you're ready for funding
The Match dashboard is the place for you to find the correct funding partner for your business using our powerful filtering tools. Finding a partner might be easy, but finding the right partner has traditionally been more difficult, with multiple tabs and screens required to get a semblance of a side-by-side comparison. The Match dashboard changes that, by allowing you to analyze all funding partners on one screen, so you can confidently move forward with your ideal partner.
Always make the correct choice by sorting through all funding partners until you find your correct match.

Compare what matters to you

As the tip of the spear in your organization's fundraising effort, the pressure is on you, the finance team to make sure your organization is getting the best deal possible. Our simple financial planning software makes it easy to confirm that you are getting the correct deal for your company. Compare any of your saved partners head to head with any of your new matches. Set the comparison parameters to factors like cost or benefits and find your ideal capital partner.
Choose the comparison variable with the "compare by" dropdown to see the clear winner.
Last modified 1yr ago