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Comparing funding partners

Finding the best partner using comparing tools

In this guide we will cover:

  • Importance of finding the correct partner
  • Which partners you can compare

Which partner is right for you?

To effectively compare funding partners, the key is to identify the features that are most important to you and to know what a good offer looks like. There’s no such thing as the “best funding partner for everybody”, but there is a "best funding partner for you". The higher your Funding Score, the more offers you’re likely to qualify for, and the more needed a comparison is. You might prefer to compare funding partners solely on the costs associated with your deal, or maybe by the benefits they offer. Whatever your reason, finding a partner that matches those preferences is crucial to your funding journey

Which partners can be compared?

Our funding partner comparison tool allows you to evaluate partners side by side. You can compare any of your saved partners against another saved partner, or against an unsaved partner. You might want to compare a saved partner with an unsaved partner that has offered you a deal to find out which one has a lower cost of capital. Another variable to compare can be which funding partner offers the benefits that are important to you in a deal. Our tool lets you compare two partners head to head with a clear and precise marker to identify the winner based on the parameters you set.