What is FundStory?

Welcome to FundStory!

This guide is designed to surface the fundamental knowledge and resources necessary to succeed with FundStory. The core concepts presented here are paramount to working with FundStory and will be assumed knowledge in all other training material.
In this guide we will cover:
  • What is FundStory? - An introduction to FundStory and what it can do.
  • New User Guides - How the FundStory software is structured.
  • Platform Fundamentals - How the FundStory software is structured.
  • Wrap-up - Tailored suggestions on where to go for continued learning and review of key terms in this guide.
Platform tip video series coming soon!
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What is FundStory?

FundStory is a platform that streamlines the process of accessing and managing non-dilutive capital. With FundStory, finance teams can evaluate and improve their risk profile, automate funding applications, and analyze their cost of capital in real-time.

New User Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
Learn the fundamentals of FundStory to get a deeper understanding of our main features: